Doormatic Automatic Door Opener

Product Summary

  • The Doormatic revolutionizes opening doors
  • No drilling, no tools, no structural changes to door or door frame
  • Automatically opens and closes internal doors
  • Easy "tool-free" installation with hook and loop fastener
  • Battery operated
  • Simple "push" or "pull" activates the automatic door opener
  • Easy-to-read menu
  • Waiting time and speed can be preset
  • Operates on many different surfaces
  • Comes with obstacle detection for added safety
  • Add optional remote control (Model #850000165) for those who cannot push or pull door
  • Add an optional motion sensor (Model #850000128) for those who cannot push or pull door and cannot operate remote control Door opens by breaking the beam (Can be preset)


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Warranty Limited 1 Year


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