Credit & Collections Team

What makes the Credit team unique is that we interact with most of the other departments on a daily basis - from the CFO, Controller, Purchasing, Sales, AP, and our wonderful Customer Service team who we interact with the most. We are responsible for the set-up and maintenance of new and existing accounts. We are also responsible for the prompt release of orders that hit credit hold and we manage the credit limits for all our customers. We do the best we can 100%. Our most rewarding task is helping customers to get credit limits so they can place orders. Most people have a preconceived perception that all Collections does is make phone calls and collect money but we do MUCH more than that. There are a lot of different task that need to be performed in the Collections department, which keeps it interesting. You need to review an account thoroughly before making the collection call. We suggest solutions and plans for those customers. Our job is not just "to collect" the money but to develop relationships with our customers.