LS9000 10" True Low Air Loss Mattress System with Pulsation

Product Summary

  • The LS9000 system offers an extraordinary therapeutic mattress system for the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers
  • The Powerloft Pro 900 pump produces 1180 liters of air flow per minute offering a cool and dry sleeping surface
  • The 10 Adjustable Comfort Settings allows pressure to be customized to patient's weight
  • The Auto-Firm feature allows for a two minute fill rate
  • The exclusive Pulsate mode reduces the air flow every 30 seconds to 50% of the comfort setting This feature will intermittently reduce pressure and increase blood flow
  • The internal pressure control sensor continuously monitors surface pressure for optimal pressure redistribution
  • For use in the Homecare, Long Term Care, and Acute Care Markets
  • Power outage protection with 2" foam base
  • Static function can suspend the pulsate mode
  • Visible and audible alarms with Alarm Mute feature
  • CPR valve allows for rapid deflation


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  • LS9000 LS9000
Control Unit Airflow 1180 LPM
Control Unit Cycle Time 30 Second Pulsation
Control Unit Type Blower
Control Unit Alarms Visual/Audible
Mattress Cover Material Fluid-Resistant Nylon
Weight Capacity 1000 lbs.
Warranty 1 Year Limited


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LS9000 10" True Low Air Loss Mattress System with Pulsation

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