Nonin® Xpod® Oximeter

Product Summary

  • The Nonin® Xpod® Oximeter can now be paired as an optional accessory with the DeVilbiss SmartLink® Therapy Management System to provide up to nine nights of patient oximetry data
  • PureSAT® technology provides exceptionally accurate pulse oximetry
  • A full range of sensors can be used with the Xpod — reusable, flex, and soft sensor oximeter
  • Delivers superior performance and can be used in motion and low perfusion
  • The soft sensor finger probe is comfortable and stays in place, making it perfect for overnight use
  • The Xpod Oximeter and soft sensor are designed to integrate with SmartLink, using only the Xpod cable
  • Form-fitted design decreases ambient light interference
  • Durable and easy to clean


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  • DV5M-697 DV5M-697
SpO2 Range 0%-100%; accuracy — +/-1% at range 70%-100%
Pulse Rate range 18-300 bpm; accuracy — +/-3 bpm
Sample Rate 0.25 Hz (SpO2 and pulse rate)


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