Patient Alarms

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  1. 13602

    Pull Cord Alarm

    Model # 13602

    • Economical way to notify staff that a patient has moved
    • Alarm easily secures to a bed or chair with a self-contained clip
    • Activation cord is adjustable from 18"– 36"
    • When user gets up, the pin connector pulls from the alarm unit activating the signal
    • Deactivate with On/Off switch
    • Two volume settings: 97 dB and 103 dB
    • Requires one 9V battery (Included)
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  2. 13603

    Tamper-Proof Magnetic Pull Cord Alarm

    (Comes with Screwdriver to Remove Battery Cover)

    Model # 13603

    • When magnetic pull switch is removed, alarm is activated
    • Pull switch can be activated from any direction
    • Convenient On/Off switch for easy activation and deactivation
    • Easily mounts on wheelchair or bed
    • Cord adjusts from 28"– 58"
    • Alligator clip allows for attachment to patient’s clothes
    • 97 – 103 dB
    • One 9V battery included
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  3. 13605

    Pressure-Sensitive Chair and Bed Patient Alarm

    Model # 13605, 13606, 13608, 13609

    • Alerts care giver with audio alarm when patient gets out of a chair or bed
    • Pressure-sensitive pad connects to the audio alarm
    • The alarm comes with a safety alert, On/Off switch and low battery warning
    • Comes with 9V Battery (Included)
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  4. Main Image

    Wireless Bedside Alarm

    Model # 13601

    • Alarm sounds when individual attempts to leave or falls out of bed
    • Ideal for ICU or anywhere early detection is necessary
    • Invisible curtain of protection provides a wide area of protection
    • Installs easily with magnetic mount
    • One 9V battery included
    • Swivel bracket adjusts monitoring beam
    • No pads or clips to avoid false alarms
    • 85 – 95 dB without volume control
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