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  1. RTL1164

    Rimless Magnifier with LED Light

    Model # RTL1164, RTL1162

    • Magnifiers have 2x or 3x magnification, an aspheric lens, dual white LEDs, and an ergonomic rubber handle with comfort grip
    • Distortion-free viewing over the entire surface area
    • Retail packaged
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  2. RTL1113

    Pocket Magnifier

    Model # RTL1113

    • Provides 4.5x magnification
    • Lens can be stored in pouch
    • Easy-to-hold
    • Retail packaged
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  3. RTL9506

    Hip Kit

    Model # RTL9506

    • Contains: Long-Handled Bath Sponge (item # RTL1020), Polyethylene Stocking Aid (item # RTL2012), Hand-Held Reacher, 32" (item # RTL5021), Plastic Shoe Horn (item # RTL2049), Black Elastic Shoe Laces (item # RTL2050)
    • Retail packaged
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  4. Main Image

    Hand-Held Reacher

    Model # RTL5020, RTL5021, RTL5022, RTL5023

    • With a lightweight aluminum frame this reacher helps to eliminate bending and stretching
    • Only 12 ounces of pressure required at trigger to close jaws
    • Folding model folds flat for more convenient storage
    • Retail packaged
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  5. Main Image

    Extra-Long Sponge

    Model # RTL1020, RTL1027

    • Long handle is useful for personal bathing needs or household chores
    • RTL1020 has an acrylic handle and is 24" long
    • RTL1027 has an aluminum handle and is 30" long
    • Retail packaged
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  6. RTL1441

    Extra-Long Comb and Brush

    Model # RTL1441, RTL1442

    • Anti-slip handle fits snugly in the hand to stay in place when in use
    • Provides maximum reach with minimum effort
    • Easy-to-clean and can be fully immersed in water
    • Latex free
    • Retail packaged
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  7. RTL1270

    Quick Suction Grab Bar

    Model # RTL1270, RTL1272

    • Provides sturdy support and confidence in and around the tub and shower
    • Helps prevent dangerous slips and falls
    • Grip area has a ribbed surface for extra help with grip
    • Installs instantly
    • Fits 4" tiles
    • Retail packaged
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  8. 850100300

    Doormatic Automatic Door Opener

    Model # 850100300

    • The Doormatic revolutionizes opening doors
    • No drilling, no tools, no structural changes to door or door frame
    • Automatically opens and closes internal doors
    • Easy "tool-free" installation with hook and loop fastener
    • Battery operated
    • Simple "push" or "pull" activates the automatic door opener
    • Easy-to-read menu
    • Waiting time and speed can be preset
    • Operates on many different surfaces
    • Comes with obstacle detection for added safety
    • Add optional remote control (Model #850000165) for those who cannot push or pull door
    • Add an optional motion sensor (Model #850000128) for those who cannot push or pull door and cannot operate remote control Door opens by breaking the beam (Can be preset)
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  9. RTL7775

    CPM Pad Kit

    Model # RTL7775

    • Polyester-pile foam construction
    • Hook and Loop Fastener closures
    • Machine washable
    • For use with most CPM machines
    • Limited 90 Day Warranty
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  10. Main Image1

    Uccello Kettle

    Model # UDK_USBW

    • Easy to Use: Ergonomic handle for stable grip and pour action
    • Simple to Clean: Hinged lid with large opening for easy fill, clean and pour
    • Stainless steel heating element with safety technology and control
    • Auto shut-off with over-heating protection
    • Removable vessel for optional hand-held pour and water refill
    • 1.5 liter capacity
    • Non-slip, stable base
    • Removable anti-scale filter for easy clean
    • Power on light indicates when kettle is switched on
    • Easy to read water level indicator to boil exactly the amount you need
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