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  1. SF8050


    Model # SF8050

    • Provides easy-to-install shade when traveling in your scooter outdoors
    • Accessory port built into frame, allowing additional accessories to be used with shade
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    Oxygen Cylinder Carry Bag

    Model # STDS6008-1

    • The Oxygen Cylinder Carry Bag adjusts for use with "D" and "E" cylinders
    • Top and bottom clasps easily attach for a secure fit to your folding power wheelchair
    • Constructed of durable, easy-to-clean nylon, the carry bag also includes two carry handles
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  3. SF8020

    Rear Basket

    Model # SF8020

    • Our roomy rear basket boasts strong steel construction making it a great option for carrying items that are too large or heavy for your front basket Great for quick trips to the store! Not for use with power wheelchairs
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  4. AB1000

    Armrest Bag

    Model # AB1000

    • The Armrest Bag has four pockets, perfectly sized for carrying phones, paperbacks or personal electronics It even features a mesh drink holder Plus, the top of the bag is padded so resting your arm on it is even more comfortable
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  5. AZ0060

    Cup Holder

    Model # AZ0060

    • Take your favorite hot or cold beverage with you anywhere with our handy Cup Holder that attaches to your product’s armrest
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  6. AB2200

    Locking Rear Enclosure

    Model # AB2200

    • Rear locking enclosure for all Drive scooters and other manufacturer's scooters with a 1" rear-accessory port
    • Large reflectors on either side for added visibility
    • Locking mechanism with key to keep personal belongings safe
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