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Thank you for submitting your new product(s) to Drive Medical®, one of the fastest growing major distributors of durable medical equipment in the home healthcare, medical/surgical and rehabilitation markets in the United States.

Our Mission is to distribute and market world-class products which focus on innovation, functionality and value to improve the quality of life and to promote independence for the individuals that use our products.

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*Submission Date:  01/19/2019

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Beds Commodes Respiratory Walkers
Canes Personal Care    

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Terms & Conditions

By using this invention submission form, you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions (the "Terms of Service" or the "Agreement"). Before you may submit any invention information, you must read and accept all the terms and conditions in the Agreement. This Agreement is effective upon acceptance for new users and terms and conditions may be updated from time to time without notice to user.

You hereby acknowledge:

  1. I am the owner of the invention information and am authorized to submit to company.
  2. I acknowledge that the disclosure is being made on a NON CONFIDENTIAL basis, and that no confidentiality obligations or legal relationships whatsoever are created by this invention submission.
  3. I acknowledge that I am free to make this submission and that by doing so I am not infringing any prior obligation of confidentiality.
  4. I acknowledge that Drive Medical® may contact me for additional information and/or samples/prototypes if applicable.
  5. I acknowledge that Drive Medical® may already be independently working on a similar technology as covered by my submission, and that I will not therefore assert any intellectual property rights against company in this respect.
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