Liquid Oxygen Conserver

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  1. CTPT-3LPZ

    SmartDose® LOX Liquid Oxygen Portable Conserver System

    Model # CTPT-3LPZ

    • Delivers a uniform pulse dose at increments: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 plus CF preset @ 2 LPM
    • The only Liquid Portable Oxygen system with SmartDose® auto-adjusting technology built in to best match oxygen dose to activity level
    • Continuously monitors breathing pattern and adjusts oxygen dose to match activity level
    • Achieves maximum conservation efficiency by automatically adjusting the dose down when less oxygen is needed
    • Delivers a quiet, gentle dose of oxygen using an efficient, compact design
    • Allows delivered dose to increase up to 2 settings during patient exertion up to a maximum pulse dose setting of 7
    • Can use 2 AA Alkaline batteries for a duration of about one year for most patients *
    • Portable 0.3 L unit provides up to 7.4 hours at a pulse dose setting of 2
    • Portable 0.6 L unit provides up to 14 hours at a pulse dose setting of 2
    • Integrated bottom-fill LOX coupler and multi-valve mechanism
    • Includes scale to measure amount of liquid O2 left in the unit
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