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    DeVilbiss iFill® Personal Oxygen Station

    The future of home oxygen.

    Model # 535D, 535D-2M6870, 535D-2C870, 535D-2D870, 535D-2E870, 535D-M6-PD-PKG, 535D-2CP, 535D-2DP, 535D-2EP, 535D-2DC, 535D-2EC

    • The DeVilbiss iFillâ Personal Oxygen Station offers a clinically focused and operationally efficient non-delivery oxygen solution; a model that is great for patients and your business
    • Makes it easy and convenient for your customers to fill portable oxygen cylinders in their homes and gives them greater freedom to come and go as they please
    • Fills proprietary iFill cylinders - Standard 870 Post Valve or Integrated Continuous Flow regulator
    • Easily tops off partially filled cylinders and automatically shuts off when filling is complete
    • Control panel light signals when cylinder is filling and when it’s full
    • Ergonomic design with easy-roll casters make iFill easy-to-move and store when not in use
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