SmartLink® App

Product Summary

  • Provides an interactive means for patients to stay engaged with their therapy, while also wirelessly transmitting data to the provider
  • The SmartLink App enables users to engage with the IntelliPAP and IntelliPAP 2 CPAP devices. Users have an interactive role with their therapy and the SmartLink App enhances the user experience. The SmartLink App captures quantitative data from the machine and qualitative data about how the patient is feeling on therapy
  • SmartLink App will allow you to: Review simple color-coded feedback on your therapy, View report for daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly usage
  • For the IntelliPAP 2, the SmartLink App interfaces with the CPAP wirelessly over Bluetooth to pull data daily to help you keep track of your progress. Data can be wirelessly transmitted back to a provider or used privately by the patient
  • For the IntelliPAP, the SmartLink App enables users to enter SmartCodes and store information over longer periods

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Android Requires Android 4.0.3 and above
Apple Requires Apple iOS 9.0 and above


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