Seat Rizer W Removable Arms

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If your range of motion is reduced, did you know a higher seat can make it easier for you to sit and stand?

Drive Medical's Premium Seat Rizer with removable arms offers this convenience in a toilet seating solution.

This elevated seat attaches easily to the toilet without the use of tools, and comes in both standard and elongated seat sizes.

The Seat Rizer is used with your existing toilet seat and lid. Simply remove, secure the Seat Rizer to the toilet bowl and then attach your seat and lid. Now you have 3 1/2 inches of elevation and the comfort of your own seat.

These durable metal arms help the user safely support themselves when lowering or rising and provide additional security while seated.

The arms are padded for comfort and can be removed or added as needed, to accommodate transfers from wheelchairs, tight bathroom spaces and storage.

It's also safer for the caregiver who may need to provide assistance by reducing risk of strain.

The heavy duty molded plastic is strong and easy to clean.

You may want to consider use of a shower chair, along with a shower sprayer, bath mat and grab bars for additional safety in the bathroom.

You can always count on Drive Medical to bring you convenient and innovative lifestyle solutions, now, and for the road ahead.