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Lightweight Transport Wheelchair

One of life's great joys is being able to spend time with family and friends.

With the assistance of a companion or loved one, someone with limited mobility can sustain their social interactions and activities by using Drive Medical's lightweight Fly Lite Aluminum Transport Chair.

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Exercise Peddler

Incorporating safe, gentle exercise into your daily routine can offer substantial benefits to your life and health.

For people who prefer or need a low impact activity, Drive Medical's Exercise Peddler is an affordable, convenient option.

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Exercise Peddler W Electronic Display

Exercise is important for people who want to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.

For people who prefer, or need, a low impact way to exercise, Drive Medical's Folding Exercise Peddler offers the perfect solution.

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Duet Transport Wheelchair Chair Rollator Walker

Some active individuals can use additional mobility support whether they are on their own, or with a companion. This is why Drive Medical developed their innovative Duet Rollator Transport Chair.

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795B 795BK 795BU

Clamp On Tub Rail

A relaxing bath or shower. Who doesn't love one? But you know, adding stability to a wet, slippery surface can give you and your loved ones the peace of mind when getting in and out of the tub.

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Blue Streak Wheelchair

Drive Medical's Blue Streak wheelchair offers users affordable, accessible, independent mobility.

The chair's durable frame can support a weight capacity of 250 lbs and has a breathable, easy-to-clean nylon seat.

Aluminum Transport Chair

Special outings and everyday activities with friends and family are part of life's great pleasures.

Drive Medical's Aluminum Transport Chair gives people with limited mobility a comfortable, convenient, and affordable way to go anywhere with the help of a companion or loved one.

Bath Stool With Padded Rotating Seat

Adding safety to wet, slippery areas like the shower or bath can help individuals maintain their bathing independence while increasing their comfort and confidence.

Drive Medical's padded, rotating bath stool provides security and support so users can enjoy a relaxing shower experience.

Folding Lightweight Cane With Sling Style Seat

Having the ability to conveniently rest can make an outing more enjoyable and last longer. Drive Medical's Cane Sling Seat provides you, or your loved one, with a comfortable, stable solution.

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Rollator With Fold Up Back Support

Even active individuals sometimes can benefit from walking support and the ability to take short rests when they are on the go.

Drive Medical's Folding Rollator offers the perfect solution to ensure stable, independent mobility-every step of the way.

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