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  1. MS 3000N

    MSS Tilt & Recline Seating System

    Model # MS 3000N

    • Multi-Axis Headrest - height, depth and angle adjustable
    • It can be placed off center
    • Seat - depth adjustable
    • Back - height and angle adjustable
    • Harness - adjustable zippered “H” harness for anterior chest support
    • Pelvic Belt - adjustable in length
    • Laterals - height and width adjustable
    • They assist in stabilizing and aligning trunk and pelvis
    • Each lateral is individually adjustable to control unwanted weight shifts
    • Armrest - height and angle adjustable
    • Adductors - two sizes are included to facilitate a range of chair widths
    • The adductors control lower extremity positions and prevent adduction of user's legs
    • Abductor - height and depth adjustable
    • Footrests - height, depth and angle adjustable They include foot sandals with toe loop
    • Tray - attaches onto armrest and is height adjustable
    • It provides trunk stabilization and an easy-to-clean surface with a safety lip
    • It is ideal for school, play and feeding
    • Each footrest is individually adjustable for custom fit
    • Removable and washable fabric covers
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  2. CRS 2000

    Seat2Go Positioning Seat

    Model # CRS 2000, CRS 3000

    • Contoured seat prevents child from sliding forward and improves seating posture
    • 95° seat to back angle
    • Double-strap trunk support and a positioning belt
    • Two sets of straps secure Seat2Go to any chair
    • When not in use, the seat straps can be stored under the seat behind the clear flap and the back straps in the back pocket
    • Can be used as an insert for a single or double stroller
    • Weighs only 5 lbs
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  3. CRB 2000

    Back2Go Back Support

    Model # CRB 2000

    • Contoured back maximizes support and comfort
    • Two-strap system with buckle closure secures back support to an existing back surface
    • Straps can be stored in back pocket when not in use
    • Removable lateral supports are individually height and width adjustable
    • Zippered vinyl trunk harness in an H configuration for anterior chest support
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