Rehab Strollers

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  1. TR 8023

    Utility Bag

    Model # TR 8023

    • Zippered bag hooks onto the back of the Trotter mobility chair
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  2. TR 8025

    Full Torso Vest

    Model # TR 8025

    • Adjustable zippered vest provides anterior chest support, maintains correct midline seated position and prevents forward slumping
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  3. TR 12SB-B

    Colored Upholstery

    Model # TR 12SB-B, TR 12SB-R, TR 14SB-B, TR 14SB-R, TR 16SB-B, TR 16SB-R, TR 18SB-B, TR 18SB-R

    • Choice of colored upholstery easily replaces standard black upholstery
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  4. TR 8024

    Upper Extremity Support

    Model # TR 8024

    • Universal tray is width adjustable to fit all Trotter sizes
    • Provides trunk stabilization and an easy-to-clean surface with safety lip
    • Ideal for school, play and feeding
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  5. TR 8029

    Bus Transit Tie-Downs

    Model # TR 8029

    • Four tie-down brackets allow the Trotter to be used for transit (Must also order headrest extension and foot and ankle positioner to be in compliance with Safety Tests)
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  6. Main Image

    Seat Rail Extension Kit

    Model # TR 8031

    • The seat rail extension kit adds an additional 3" of seat depth
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