1 out of 3 adults age 65 and older will experience a fall
every year—with most falls occurring in the bathroom.

Almost 1/3 of those who recover from their fall will have to live
with injuries that will affect their independence in the future.

Decrease That Risk


Deluxe Aluminum Shower Chair

The Deluxe Bath Bench Seat guarantees your bathing experience can be a safe and pleasant one, minus the worry and unease that arises from fear of falling while in the tub or showering.

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What Happens After You Fall?

“I do things mindfully and with care now.” This is one of the ways in which 68 year-old Doris Huffmann’s daily life has changed since she’s returned home after surgery and rehabilitation to recover from a broken hip sustained in a fall.

Bathroom Safety

Why Do We Resist?

Over the past few decades, we have made the world safer in so many different ways. We use seatbelts when driving in our airbag- and antilock brake-equipped cars. We wear helmets when bicycling, skiing, and rollerblading. We require safety fencing around pools and many people install pool alarms to let them know if someone falls in.