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  1. 15301

    Bariatric Foam Mattress

    Model # 15301, 15310, 15312, 15301-84, 15310-84, 15312-84

    • Nylon top cover is fluid-resistant and easy to clean for extended life and service
    • Vinyl bottom is waterproof
    • Fire Retardant: Mattress meets the requirements of 16 CFR Part 1632 – Standard for the Flammability of Mattresses and Mattress Pads and 16 CFR Part 1633 (Federal Flammability (open flame) standard for mattress sets) when used without a foundation
    • High-Density foam mattress for the bariatric patient
    • Solid foam inner core provides comfort, support and durability in a one-piece construction
    • Latex free
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  2. 15006

    Inner Spring Mattress

    Model # 15006, 15006EF, 15014

    • High quality innerspring design
    • The unit has a 1" high-density, firm, combustion-modified fiber topper on each side
    • Multi-layered with two 1" high-density, firm, combustion modified fiber toppers on the top and one 1" high density, firm, combustion-modified fiber topper on the bottom (15006EF only)
    • Vinyl cover is waterproof, anti-bacterial, anti-static for easy use and care
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  3. 15019

    Therapeutic Foam Pressure Reduction Support Mattress

    Model # 15019

    • Deluxe, horizontal, cross-cut, foam mattress provides comfort, support and pressure redistribution over five different pressure zones
    • 210 denier nylon cover reduces friction and shear, and is water resistant and vapor permeable
    • This Medicare coded Group I replacement mattress does not add height to bed, facilitating transfers
    • Better comfort, compliance, durability and pressure redistribution than innerspring mattresses allows for improved patient satisfaction and fewer service calls
    • Non skid bottom for patient safety
    • Meets flammability standards CFR 1632 and CFR 1633
    • Latex free
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  4. Main Image1

    Cellulose Fiber Mattress

    Model # 15007

    • 12 oz thermal-bonded polyester fiber
    • Two-sided
    • Inverted seam with zipper cover
    • Fluid proof
    • Non-allergenic
    • Antibacterial and antifungal cover
    • Easy cleaning with mild soap and water
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  5. 15010

    Mattress Covers

    Model # 15010, 15011, 15034, 15010-DOUBLE, 15010-KING, 15010-QUEEN, 15010-TWIN, 15011-DOUBLE, 15011-KING, 15011-QUEEN, 15011-TWIN

    • Designed to keep mattress clean, and protected from dust, incontinency, odors and stains Made of water-proof, non-allergenic vinyl Available in zippered and contoured designs Fits up to mattress size 80" x 42"
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  6. Bariatric Mattress

    Bariatric Mattress

    Model # 15310

    Out of stock

      There is no description for this product
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  7. Bariatric  Mattress

    Bariatric Mattress

    Model # 15312

    Out of stock

    • Mattress Top Cover Unitek 11 Nylon
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  8. 14700

    Tri-Fold Bedside Mat

    Model # 14700

    • Helps to reduce the possibility of injuries from bed falls
    • Conveniently folds in 3 sections for storage
    • Made of high density foam to absorb impact from bed falls
    • Non-skid bottom reduces the chance of the mat slipping
    • Comes with durable, vinyl cover that is easy to clean
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  9. Main Image1

    Gravity 7 Long Term Care Pressure Redistribution Mattress

    Model # 15770, 15777, 15784, 15785, 15876, 15877

    • Drive's most economical yet efficient therapeutic foam mattress maximizes value and comfort with 3 full layers of latex free foam
    • Full width top layer uses unique die-cutting and a true memory foam heel section to optimize zoned pressure redistribution
    • Bottom layer provides full length horizontally scored articulation cuts extending the durability and life of the mattress
    • Stretch cover is fluid and tear resistant, low shear and easy to clean
    • High Density Foam Perimeter provides solid edge support and facilitates safe patient transfers
    • Available with or without raised side rails
    • Meets flammability standard CFR 1632 and CFR 1633
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  10. 15060

    Bed Transporter

    Model # 15060

      There is no description for this product
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