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Steerable Knee Walker

Make the road to recovery easy with the steerable knee walker.

Economy Knee Walker

Drive Medical's Economy Knee Walker provides you with maximum stability and safety. While most othe knee walkers come with two or three wheels, Drive Medical's Economy Knee Walker comes with a unique 4-wheel frame, giving you the extra support and safety you need and deserve.

Because of this, you can now rid yourself of the frustrations that come while attempting to move from one point to another while on cumbersome crutches that can also be unstable. However, with this reliable and durable mobile walker, you can empower yourself with the freedom of movement that you want and need during difficult and trying times.

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Support Links

Directory of Support Agencies, Websites and Foundations

Drive Medical's comprehensive directory provides a database of support links that will help our consumers navigate through various foundations, websites and support agencies for all their needs.

Walkers and Rollators

How They're Different and How To Choose

Accepting that you or a loved one needs help walking safely can be difficult. The first hurdle is usually emotional; feeling like using a device means giving up independence. Many people actually find it is just the opposite—that they feel more secure because their chances of falling are reduced, and they can be more independent because they don’t have to rely on another person to help them get around.