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Nimbo Posterior Walker Accessories

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  1. Forearm Platforms

    Nimbo Forearm Platform Attachment

    Model # KA 1035 FPS, KA 1035 FPL

    • Constructed of lightweight aluminum
    • Height and depth adjustable
    • Handgrips extend forward or back, supinate, pronate and are angle adjustable
    • Contoured armrest with a flexible edge
    • Includes hook and loop fastener straps to prevent arms from slipping
    • Choice of mounting positions - inside or outside of the handlebar for lateral adjustment Spacers are included for additional lateral range
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  2. 9" Front Wheels

    9" Front Wheels

    Model # KA 8100

    • Non-swivel front wheels with inner legs
    • Height adjustable
    • Easily used outdoors and over rough grounds
    • Adds 1" to overall height of walker
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  3. Dial-A-Speed Tabs

    Nimbo Dial - A - Speed Tabs Attachment

    Model # KA 1400

    • Dial-A-Speed tabs provide variable resistance on one or both rear wheels They allow user to control gait trainer speed and aligns asymmetrical gait patterns
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  4. Main Image

    Nimbo Bumper Guards Attachment

    Model # KA 8000

    • Universal bumper guards protect walls The circumference of the bumper guard is 6" and of the inner cutout 0 90" The thickness is 0 75"
    • Adaptable to most walker legs
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  5. Pelvic Stabilizer

    Pelvic Stabilizer for Wenzelite Nimbo Posterior Walker

    Model # KA 1050

    • The pelvic stabilizer is adjustable in width and features back and lateral pads and a support belt It is recommended for users who have an asymmetrical posture when standing or walking and, therefore, cannot stay centered in the gait trainer
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