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School Chairs

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  1. FC 2000

    First Class School Chair

    Model # FC 2000N, FC 4000N

    • Seat – height and depth adjustable solid seat with a 15° anterior or posterior tilt
    • Armrests – provide lateral limitations as well as a stable resting surface for arms
    • Flip-up armrests allow easy transfers and they are height adjustable
    • The tray accessory mounts onto the armrest
    • Padded Hip Belt – 2-point hip belt provides pelvic support and maintains proper hip positioning
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  2. FC 8027N

    Hip Guides for First Class School Chair

    Model # FC 8027N

    • Width and depth adjustable
    • Supports user's pelvis and prevents adduction
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  3. FC 8025

    Support Kit for First Class School Chair

    Model # FC 8025N, FC 8025 LN

    • Support Kit includes Trunk Harness, Abductor and Lateral Supports
    • Trunk Harness:
    • Adjustable zippered trunk harness provides focused support on the sternum and rib cage
    • It's semi-stretch material allows controlled movement, prevents forward slumping and also maintains correct midline seated position
    • Straps with cam lock buckles secure the trunk harness
    • Abductor:
    • Depth adjustable
    • Positions user’s knee controls spastic muscles that might cause their legs to cross
    • Lateral Supports:
    • Assists proper stabilization and alignment of the upper body
    • Height and width adjustable
    • Sold as a pair and each lateral is individually adjustable
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  4. FC 8001

    Push Handle

    Model # FC 8001

    • For use with the First Class chair with the Mobility legs, the push handles allows for easy maneuverability and transportation
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4 Item(s)

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