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A Formula for
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Competitive Bidding
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Pillar 1
Select Products That Will Give You a
Competitive Edge
Your product selection should tie to your positioning in the marketplace. The "brand" you portray for your company should follow through in the products that you choose to offer. That is how you will maintain a competitive edge.
Your consumer mix, whether it's predominantly Medicare or private insurance holders, will inform the best approach for your business.
Drive offers products to suit different strategies. Here are just a few examples:
The Perfect Rental Bed
The Perfect Rental Bed
HCPCS E0261   ITEM#15560
The perfect rental choice suited for low reimbursement contracts. Low cost of ownership because it's easy to maintain.
The Ultimate Home Care Bed
The Ultimate Home Care Bed
HCPCS E0265   ITEM#15030
Feature-rich choice that is truly universal because it can be used with most bed ends in your inventory; and shaft stays with bed so it won't be lost.
Mattress Replacement System
With Low Air Loss
HCPCS E0277   ITEM#14027
Value product meeting clinical needs of E0277 code.
Med-Aire Plus Alternating Pressure
With Low Air Loss
HCPCS E0277   ITEM#14029
Premium choice with additional features that enhance patient experience and lower your maintenance costs.
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