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Proactively Maximize Patient
Comfort. In turn, Increase Your Top
& Bottom Line.
By upcaring patients, you are offering them solutions that can make them safer and more comfortable in their homes. Drive can help brand your company as consultative experts who care enough to upcare patients by outlining DME solutions to deliver this benefit. These Drive programs have worked for many of our Providers on support surfaces, wheelchair cushions and accessories, and more.
Example: Cross Sell Gel Overlays with Semi-Electric Beds When Appropriate
A large percentage of patients who qualify for a semi-electric hospital bed would both qualify for and benefit from a Group I support surface, like a gel overlay.
For every 100 E0260 bed rentals you provide, if you increase the number of E0185 gel overlays from 10 to 75, by asking the right questions, you will incrementally increase your revenue by almost $20,000.
arrow 10 Group I x $300 = $3,000
75 Group I x $300 = $22,500
Additional products that this patient might benefit from: Over Bed Tables, Transfer Assist Devices (Sliding Board, Patient Lifts), Bed Assist Rail, Trapeze.
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