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Pillar 4
Diversify Your Product Offering and Way of
Doing Business to Increase Cash Retail
You have three ways to capture the retail opportunity:
  1. Bring retail to the consumer
  2. Bring the consumer to your retail location
  3. Provide retail over the Internet
Drive offers complete tool kits that support each of these facets of the retail opportunity. We offer training and materials for each.
Bring Retail
  1. Bring retail to the consumers.   Our Home Shopping Tool Kit, includes:
  • Scripts for your Customer Service Agents, Therapists and Delivery Technicians.
  • Brochures that provide safety tips, a home assessment and product information that will enhance the safety of a consumer's home.
Bring Retail
  1. Bring the consumer to your retail location.   We have programs that include traffic generating ads, direct mail pieces and merchandising materials that can attract shoppers and motivate purchases. We also offer:
  • Attractive and informative packaging for the items
  • Widest product selection
  • Ready-to-go and customizable plan-o-grams
Bring Retail
  1. Provide retail over the Internet.   Drive provides leading ecommerce solutions that can help you expand your geographic coverage. We can help you build a website and we support your websites with:
  • Web ready copy, images and videos that are updated monthly on 1500 items
  • Dedicated Ecommerce Support Team
  • Drop Ship Program and more
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