Peace of Mind

Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare ("Drive") power mobility products (power wheelchairs and power scooters) are designed to withstand the rigors of daily use. Your Provider has purchased Drive's Peace of Mind Product Protection Plan ("Plan") for you. Should you have any problems, you can be assured that we will see to it that under the Plan any technical or service issues will be remedied promptly and completely.

Under the Plan, Drive will repair, service or replace product - or product components - due to mechanical and electrical breakdowns or defects in material and workmanship, effective for up to 14 months from date of purchase.* This Plan does not replace the Warranty that was delivered in conjunction with the purchase of a Covered Product (as defined below) - it supplements it.


The Plan offers professional troubleshooting and service by trained industry professionals with years of product experience and no out-of-pocket expense for repairs or replacements - you will only incur costs if you need to ship the product to us.

Using the Plan is simple:

  • Have the model, serial number, date of purchase and the name of the dealer ready
  • If you choose to call: Have the product nearby so that troubleshooting can begin promptly
  • Call (866) 621-4933 to reach a Peace of Mind Service Technician directly
  • Tell the service technician that the product is protected under the Peace of Mind Protection Plan
  • You can complete our Online Form.
  • If you prefer email, contact us at

When speaking to the service technician, they will evaluate the situation with the product and take necessary steps to remedy the problem. Often, our trained technical service representatives can diagnose the problem over the phone.

If the problem cannot be solved over the phone, the service technician will explain the quickest, most efficient solution for getting the product running again.

These solutions may include, but are not limited to, shipment of an easy-to-install replacement part, service by an authorized service technician or service at our facility.

* Damage resulting from neglect, misuse, and failure to follow manufacturers' instructions or normal wear and tear (tires, fabric/upholstery, bearings, ABS plastic shrouds, footrests, fuses, bulbs, bumpers, aesthetics, etc.) are excluded from coverage. Coverage also excludes battery or charger installation or maintenance service.


  • A single phone number for troubleshooting, replacement parts or repairs available Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. EST.
  • Professional troubleshooting and service by trained professionals with years of product experience
  • No out-of-pocket expense for repairs or replacements unless you need to ship the product to us, which will be at your expense.

For complete details, please see our Peace of Mind Protection Plan Description.

**Service unavailable in Canada

nationwide service