TR 1200

Figure A
  • Lightweight folding frame with closure strap that holds the chair shut when folded
  • Black removable and washable fabric
  • Crash tested for transit The Trotter has passed a dynamic crash test done with a 130 lb front-facing occupant tested at 30 mph
  • Adjustable seat angle - 15° and 22°
  • Adjustable back angle - 85°, 90° and 95°
  • 8" front casters and 10" rear wheels with toggle lock
  • Adjustable-seat depth
  • Curb-assist lever facilitates curbside navigation (Figure A)
  • Positioning pelvic belt and five-point harness with padded strap covers
  • The reversible padded strap covers increase comfort and one side of cover is imitation lamb's wool and the other is velour
  • Swing-away footrests are independently adjustable and removable
Shipping Carton Weight (TR 1200): 28 lbs.
Shipping Carton Weight (TR 1400): 30 lbs.
Shipping Carton Weight (TR 1600): 33.5 lbs.
Shipping Carton Weight (TR 1800): 39 lbs.
Warranty: Limited Lifetime
TR 8021 Headrest Extension

TR 8023 Utility Bag

TR 8025 Full Torso Rest

TR 12SB-B for TR 1200

TR 12SB-R for TR 1200

TR 14SB-B for TR 1400

TR 14SB-R for TR 1400

TR 16SB-B for TR 1600

TR 18SB-B for TR 1800

TR 18SB-R for TR 1800

TR 8024 Upper Extremity Support

TR 8029 Bus Transit Tie Downs

TR 8028 Foot & Ankle Positioner

TR 8031 Seat Rail Extension Kit