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DB-SARATOGA-1000 Reclining Tub with Thermostatic Mixing Valve and Auto-Fill, 1/ea
DB-SARATOGA-1100 Reclining Tub with Thermostatic Mixing Valve, Disinfectant System and Auto-Fill, 1/ea
DB-SARATOGA-1200 Reclining Tub with Thermostatic Mixing Valve, Disinfectant System, Air Spa and Auto-Fill, 1/ea
  • Auto-fill - Eliminates waiting and/or observation time when pre-filling the bathtub to a pre-set level
  • Thermostatic mixing valve - Provides an anti-scald protection that dispenses 15 gallons per minute for fast tub fill
  • Built-in disinfection system - The most time-efficient solution for disinfection of the bath’s external surfaces and minimizes the risk of cross-infection
  • The built-in disinfection system cabinet is conveniently located on the back end of the tub for easy access
  • The lockable cabinet provides a secure place for cleaning supplies and disinfectants
  • Handheld shower wand - Hair and upper body washing can be used at the same time the tub is filling
  • Water temperature display - Monitors tub-fill and shower wand temperatures
  • 3/4" supply lines - Constructed of stainless steel mesh clad
  • Three plumbing configurations - to choose from side, front, or island configuration
  • The island configuration allows 360° unobstructed access for the caregiver and with no visible hook-ups or cords, the Saratoga Springs Bathing System will give the bathing area the look of a luxury spa
  • The CleanDrive Air Spa System - Variable speeds and pulse modes designed to enhance the bathing experience for the resident and caregiver
Dimensions: 34" (W) x 73" (L) x 51" (H)
Length Reclined: 88"
Height (Door Opened): 78"
Seat Dimensions: 24" (W) x 21" (H)
Transfer Device Access: 7" (W) x 31" (H)
Water Supply Inlet: ¾" Diameter
Drain Size: 1.5"
Water Capacity (Occupied): 38 Gallons
Water Capacity (Foot Well): 24 Gallons
Fill Time (Foot Well): 2 Minutes,10 Seconds
Drain Time (Foot Well): 2 Minutes, 10 Seconds
Weight Capacity (Resident): 450 lbs.
Weight Capacity (Resident & Water): 730 lbs.
Door Configuration : Upward Swing, Left Hinge
Electrical Supply: 115V AC, 60Hz, 15 amp