• The EasyFit® Nasal Mask was developed by utilizing computer analyses of facial characteristics from 50,000 individuals globally, identifying consistencies between most of these facial profiles
  • Exceptionally quiet operation
  • Adjustable forehead support with wider than average forehead cushions for improved customization
  • Superior seal for snug fit without painful pressure
  • Exceptionally lightweight, minimizes discomfort associated with other masks
  • Unique ball-and-socket joint allows for unsurpassed freedom of movement
  • Exhalation system allows air to escape in the direction of the hose
  • Extremely durable and intuitive to size
DV15812 EasyFit Nasal Cushion, Silicone, Small

DV15813 EasyFit Nasal Cushion, Silicone, Medium

DV15814 EasyFit Nasal Cushion, Silicone, Large

DV15815 EasyFit Nasal Cushion, Silicone, Extra Large

DV15858 EasyFit Nasal Ball and Socket Joint Set

DV97472 EasyFit Nasal Frame & Cushion, Silicone, Large

DV97360 EasyFit Headgear

DV97213 EasyFit Oxygen Port Cap

DV97216 EasyFit Forehead Support, Gel

DV97217 EasyFit Forehead Support, Silicone

DV97218 EasyFit Headgear Clips PK/4

DV97227 EasyFit Forehead Cushion, Gel

DV97225 EasyFit Nasal Frame, Silicone, Medium

DV97300 EasyFit Forehead Cushion, Silicone

DV97313 EasyFit Nasal Cushion, Gel, Small

DV97323 EasyFit Nasal Cushion, Gel, Medium

DV97333 EasyFit Nasal Cushion, Gel, Large