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By definition, a “Rig” is: an apparatus, device, or piece of equipment designed for a particular purpose, which is why Meredith aptly named her Drive Nitro Rolling Walker “The Rig.” For Meredith, her “Rig” is equipment that she uses to help her stay true to herself!

At the age of 27, Meredith was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. As the disease progressed, she continually adapted, improvised and overcame the challenges she faced in 21 years of living with the disease. Most recently, Meredith came face-to-face with her mobility challenges. Using her husband’s arms or two canes to navigate, Meredith realized that she wasn’t being practical, especially living in rural Vermont.

Using two canes was just making her mobility more difficult. Wanting the most out of life, Meredith acknowledged that she needed a better solution, so she started some online research. Living an active life, Meredith needed a device that was sturdy yet stylish, and functional yet sleek. It had to provide her the adaptability she needed to move from the different terrains she navigates. When she found the Nitro Rollator, she knew it was for her! She loved the look and its durability. Going to and from her full-time position as a social worker, participating in the Therapeutic Horseback Program and staying active are important to Meredith.

After a month of using the Nitro, Meredith knew she made the right decision. Before using the Rig, Meredith had to rely on other people to help her at the Therapeutic Horseback program. She would need people to walk her to the horse, Carrot, and from the barn to the ring or arena where they would ride. With the Rig, she is stable and steady enough to lead him independently.

Meredith often gets stopped to talk about the Nitro’s functionality and style. Understanding the importance of leading a full and active life, she doesn’t mind one bit, stating “the Nitro has made a tremendous difference for me. It has brought back my mobility; I feel independent and like a speed walker. I don’t like that I need it, but I love what it does for me!”

Thank you, Meredith, for sharing your story!

Follow Meredith on Instagram at @Meredith_l_k

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