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Arthritis, back injury, and surgical recovery issues are just a few of many conditions that can make it painful, difficult, and potentially dangerous for one to twist at the waist. The combined motion of twisting the back and swinging the legs can also be difficult for anyone with muscle weakness or leg and knee issues. If you or a loved one have any of these kinds of problems, you already know how limiting it can be to be unable to get in and out of the seat at a table or in a car without assistance.

The padded swivel seat does the twisting for you

This comfortably-soft portable cushion can spin a full 360 degrees, taking away the need to twist the lower back and allowing you to get in and out of tight seating locations smoothly and gracefully. To use it, simply swivel the seat until both legs are facing the direction you need to go, then stand up. Using the swivel seat reduces strain on the back, and allows you to evenly distribute your weight on both feet, which is particularly useful for anyone with knee or leg problems. The padded swivel seat is also useful while transferring from the car to a wheelchair.

Because it can turn in any direction, you can use the padded swivel seat in both the driver’s seat and the passenger’s seat in the car. It has a non-slip bottom, so it won’t slide around in your seat and is safe in a moving vehicle. The padded swivel seat is light weight and can fit in a medium-sized tote bag, so you can take it just about anywhere. The Padded Swivel Seat is cushioned with polyurethane foam, and features a soft velvet cover for extra comfort.

Reviewer Liz.H. bought a padded swivel seat to help her drive her car independently after having lumbar spinal fusion surgery. Her doctors warned her that twisting her lower back was against the rules, and she says “This is so easy in the car, plus I can swivel, not twist, to reach the seat-belt myself.” Another reviewer, Rill Wright, found that the padded swivel seat has helped his elderly mother keep driving on her own. “My 88 year old mom drives well but getting in and out of the car is a little difficult. This swivel seat makes a huge difference helping her get situated. She loves it.”

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