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41 and Living Life with Parkinson’s

When Mike was diagnosed with Parkinson’s at the young age of 41, his life was turned upside down; battling issues for roughly two years,  the tremors, balance issues and legs that would suddenly give out on him were the telling signs that his life would be different and not how he planned.

Adapt, Improvise and Overcome. 


 Adopting the Marine’s code of “Adapt, Improvise and Overcome,”  Mike, his wife Tora, and their three children continue to improvise and overcome the challenges of Parkinsons’ on a daily basis. Whether Mike is learning a new way  to tie his shoes, how to play catch with his son, or becoming accustomed to Tora helping him on and off with his coat, they prevail. The biggest challenge for his family, like many others that suffer from Parkinson’s, was giving up his career.

The decision to leave his position as a Police Officer didn’t come easy to Mike;  it was a position he loved and that encompassed everything he wanted out of life – to help others in need, protect a City he loved and give back to his community. Leaving it all behind has been challenging ; however,  staying active in the community and the unconditional support of his Brothers and Sisters in Blue has helped.

A New  Reality.

Mike’s love for nature, spending quality time with his family, cycling and being a die-hard fan of the St. Louis Cardinals has not waned because of this diagnosis. However, he knew it was necessary to find a solution that would help him continue to partake in the activities and adventures he loved.

With a little online research, Mike found the Drive Nitro Rollator. It was exactly what he was looking for – sleek and cool looking, excellent on various terrain and something that would help him feel comfortable and emotionally able to cope with his Parkinsons’ diagnosis. The look had him sold, but after he read the reviews, he knew the Nitro’s superior functionality would be a perfect fit.

Mike purchased his Nitro at Alpine Medical in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. The folks at Alpine Medical were able to show Mike the different colors and styles available, and Mike chose a red Nitro for his love of the St. Louis Cardinals. Mike said, “Having the Nitro has given me the opportunity to inspire those  around me. Parkinsons’ does not discriminate. It impacts the lives of the young and old. Being able to continue to live and not sit home  is important to me. If someone sees me with the Nitro out there, having fun, and not giving up on myself, well, that’s a homerun!”

If you follow Mike’s Instagram account, there are no boundaries to where he will go and what he will do! It’s perfectly clear he is living a life he loves. Mike is well aware he is using his Nitro in ways that are not sanctioned by Drive. With that being said, it does show  that his adventurous spirit knows no limits!

Be like Mike, and find the Nitro here.

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