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Melissa, a successful entrepreneur and founder of Perfect Glow Sunless™ spray tan products, found herself in the emergency room after she fell and fractured the fifth metatarsal in her foot. When Melissa was discharged from the hospital, she was provided with a pair of crutches. It was the first time Melissa had broken a bone, and the crutches made her feel uneasy and nervous.  The next day, Melissa traveled to her local Medical Provider and rented a Drive Knee Scooter.

The knee scooter has been essential to Melissa’s recovery. Being able to zip around her warehouse allows Melissa to be the hands-on business owner that her team relies on!  Melissa has an eight-week recovery, and she plans on being as active as ever. Melissa has already ventured out to restaurants and shopping and loves that she can easily move through tight places. The Drive Knee Scooter provides Melissa with stability and balance and allows her to get around safely and easily. She also loves the included basket that holds her belongings when she’s out and about.

Maintaining an active lifestyle, being a successful business owner and enjoying every aspect that life has to offer is what’s it’s all about for Melissa.  Even with her compromised mobility, all she needs is her knee scooter. Nothing can stop her now!

Click here to learn more about the Drive Knee Scooter.

Check out Perfect Glow Sunless on instagram @perfectglowtanning and @Melissaperfectglow  and click here to check out the Perfect Glow Sunless website. 

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