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Meet Leopardo. At the tallest, he stands 38.25”. He’s relatively young, just over three years old, and he has travelled to Mexico, the Dominican Republic, California, Chicago and all over Baltimore City! Now you might be wondering, “Who is Leopardo?” He’s Mary Theresa’s sidekick and trusty Nitro Rollator that has helped her lead an active and adventurous life regardless of her mobility challenges.

The decision for Mary Theresa to purchase a walking aid was not a hard one. Mary Theresa was still working full time as an Executive Receptionist, traveling to and from work on a water taxi and bus. With chronic back issues and two hip replacements, the commute was arduous. Mary Theresa needed some support. Retiring and not continuing her very active life was not an option for Mary Theresa. After some online research, Mary Theresa selected the Nitro Rollator. She knew is the was walking aid for her.

The name Leopardo aptly fit Mary Theresa’s Nitro. As Mary Theresa said, “A leopard is a powerful animal, a force to be reckoned with. And that’s my Nitro! A Leopard is strong, majestic and can adapt to almost any geographic area, which for me, means me and my Nitro can explore the world!”

Mary Theresa also credits Leopardo for helping her through her battle with endometrial cancer, giving her the strength to make lemonade out of the lemons that life threw at her!  In remission for over a year, Mary Theresa has the confidence to be present in life and live every moment because of Leopardo. Mary Theresa regularly visits with grandchildren, friends, family, goes out to dinner and the movies.  Wherever Mary Theresa goes, Leopardo is with her!

To learn more about the Nitro Rollator, click here.

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