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If you're recovering from surgery, managing a chronic condition, or need support for everyday activities, a rollator (or four-wheeled walker with seat) can give you the assistance you need to stay independent. Enter the Nitro® Sprint Rollator, the latest in the acclaimed line of Nitro® mobility aids from Drive Medical.  

Whether you’re wondering if this Drive rollator walker is right for you or are thinking about upgrading from the original Nitro rollator, read on to learn what's new on the Sprint and what Willie Werweiss of New York, a longtime Nitro user who began using the new Nitro Sprint rollator last month, had to say. 

What’s New on the Nitro Sprint Rollator? 

Following in the footsteps of the original Drive Nitro rollator, which gained acclaim for its extra-large, stable wheels as well as its sleek Euro-style frame, the Sprint features key upgrades to offer even greater safety and control.

In addition to a new accessory mount and an extra-large backrest, Drive's engineers have added patented features aimed at giving the Sprint even better safety, control, and convenience. Here’s what’s new: 

Improved Euro Style Walker Frame 

The first thing most people notice when they see the Sprint is its sleek Euro-style frame with extra-large 10” front casters for smooth navigation. As with the original Nitro® rollator, the sturdy frame offers not just style, but enhanced safety with no exposed cables, instead housing them inside the frame to help protect users from snags that could lead to falls.  

The Sprint’s frame has also been redesigned to be even sleeker and more attractive, and now features an increased weight capacity of 350 pounds to offer sturdy support to a wider range of users. 

Integrated Slowdown Brake 

Control is critical to users of rollators and walkers, particularly when heading downhill or walking on tricky terrain. With the new integrated slowdown brake, users can slow their pace to walk comfortably with their rollator and help reduce the risk of falls. 

Enhanced Braking System 

The Sprint also features a new braking system to give users more precise control and safety. The new system also makes it easier to replace brake pads and cables and reduces wear on wheels — rather than squeezing the wheel itself, the brake depresses on the outer rim to help wheels last longer. 

3 Storage Bag Positions 

The latest Nitro walker with seat comes with a large, zippered carry bag with included strap just like its predecessor. However, the new Sprint features the ability to position it in their choice of three positions to let users easily access their belongings whether they’re sitting or standing: at the handlebars or above the wheels in either front or back. 

Upgrading to the Nitro Sprint Rollator: Willie’s Review 

For more insight on what it’s like to upgrade to the Nitro Sprint rollator, we spoke with Willie Werweiss, a New York City-based traveler who has taken the original Nitro around the world, three weeks after he upgraded to the new Sprint to see what he thought. Because his Sprint arrived fully assembled and ready to go, Willie was able to quickly use it in his Manhattan neighborhood—and on the road. “This one wasn’t here a day before it got on a train and went to Albany,” he said.  

One of the biggest upgrades Willie noted was the sturdy, enhanced frame. “It just feels a lot better walking down the street with this one,” he says. “I feel more in control. It has a wider stance. The handles are just a bit further apart. It feels more sturdy and secure.” 

Willie also shared that his new red walker was garnering a lot of compliments. “I think it looks great,” he said. “People have actually said to me, ‘It looks like you’ve got a Rolls Royce there.’ I have had more than a half a dozen people say, ‘Boy, where’d you get that?’” 

“It looks like the brake adjustments are a lot easier [on the new Nitro Sprint] than the previous one,” he noted. “You don’t have to get down low.” He also appreciates that the curb assist pedal is on both sides, since he can only use it with his right foot. The Nitro Sprint also “folds easier, and stays folded better once it clicks in.” 

The Original Nitro Mobility Walker vs. the Nitro Sprint: Willie’s Summary

  • - Sturdier frame feels more secure 
  • - More attractive design 
  • - Easier brake adjustments 
  • - Larger, dual-sided curb assist 
  • - Easy, one-handed fold and securing mechanism 

Is the Nitro Sprint Rollator Walker from Drive Right for You? 

The Nitro Sprint rollator walker with seatis a good choice for adults and seniors who: 

  • - can walk relatively independently, but need support with mild to moderate mobility issues including weakness, balance problems, or fatigue 
  • - weigh up to 350 pounds 

The Sprint is also a good choice for people looking for a mobility aid they will use frequently.  (Looking for something more economical or ultra-lightweight? Discover our full line of Drive Medical mobility aids, including rollatorsand walkers.)

Always speak to your healthcare provider to ensure you are using the right medical equipment for your needs. 

Nitro Sprint Rollator Colors, Sizes and Options 

The Nitro Sprint comes in three colors: red, black, and blue. There are also three Drive Nitro rollator sizes to accommodate different height ranges: Petite/Hemi Height, Standard Height  and Tall Height. Several convenient accessories are also available, including a cup holder, cane holder, cell phone mount, and convenient tray. 

Where Can I Buy Drive Nitro Walkers? 

Take the Nitro Sprint for a spin at your local medical equipment provider. Use the provider locatorto find one near you. 

You can also find the Nitro Sprint on Amazonand Walmart

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