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Meet Megan and her new blue DLX Nitro Rollator, that she so aptly calls “Blue Sonic”.   Megan loves her beautiful blue wheels and feels likes she can now go out with confidence! With her rollator by her side, Megan knows that she is doing everything in her power to stay active, continue her day-to day activities and work.  Being able to keep up with her very active five-year old son is an important part of using her rollator; being an active working mom, Megan states “this allows me the freedom to participate and be an active parent even after emergency spinal cord surgery. There is no need to feel embarrassed for needing a mobility aid in-order-to walk or roll.”

Follow Megan’s courageous journey on instagram @megan_la_blakeburn and learn more about the Nitro DLX Rollator.

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