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The rusty nail was the catalyst to uphill battle that has lasted over 23 months. After undergoing not only one but two major foot surgeries Marty’s mobility was seriously compromised.

While Marty continued to strive for good health he was unable to put any weight on either foot and that’s when Renee enlisted the help of the steerable knee scooter or as Marty likes to call it, his “life saver”.  Marty says he really doesn’t know what he would do without the easy-to-use knee walker while he rehabilitates from his two surgeries.

What is a knee walker?

It’s a comfortable pain free alternative to crutches, an innovative product that has been a necessary solution to Marty’s mobility for over 20 months, the knee walker is comfortable, with easy fluid motions that provide maximum control, stability, maneuverability, and the height is adjustable for any user, the best part while Marty was in the hospital, he brought his knee walker with him which aided in his recovery, even the Doctors and nurses gushed over its functionality and loved that it enhanced his mobility.

Since that fateful moving day Marty and Renee have applied a strong faith and a paying-it-forward attitude as some of the necessary tools to build their unshakable family foundation. They’ve raised their daughter, now 27 and a successful businesswoman, and have dedicated over 20 years of their lives helping injured Marine Recruits recover in their family home. Marine recruits from the Marine Corp Recruit Depot in San Diego who have been injured during boot camp will head to Marty and Renee’s home during the holidays for some much needed care, love and relaxation. Some holidays would find Marty and Renee feeding and supporting over 50 recruits in their home! Over the years they were more than happy to host over 2,500 Marine Recruits and provide the much-needed recovery support for these brave Marines who selflessly defend our country and would bravely give their lives for their fellow Americans.

Along with their strong faith and pay-it-forward attitude Renee and Marty’s love of travel helped build upon their foundation and create some wonderful lasting family memories. The ocean cruises, the countless camping and road-trips to the Mountains and Seaside and Deserts of California with extended family members and friends helped strengthen their family bond. For some families that foundation would have crumbled under the stress and pressure when a nail drove into the bottom of Marty’s boot while he was working and literally kept him off his feet for just under two years, but Marty and Renee’s foundation never even shook.

Truth be told, over the last 23 months Marty and Renee have endured a lot. Although their love was never tested, their patience was wearing thin. While Marty was recovering from two major foot surgeries, Renee unexpectedly underwent two emergency back surgeries and that’s when they knew a much-needed break was needed. And a trip to Las Vegas was just what the doctor ordered!

The knee walker was an obvious choice for their travels, a bulky wheelchair or uncomfortable crutches would be a hindrance, the light and easy –to-carry knee walker was perfect for Renee to lift into their van and easy-to-travel with; the knee walker empowered Marty with the ability too not only continue to live and enjoy his life, but to strengthen his family foundation. Marty and Renee traveled to Las Vegas with their daughter, son-in-law and mother-in-law. These pillars of Marty and Renee’s familial strength inspired Marty to document the Adventures of Marty’s Traveling Scooter visiting some of his favorite spots: the Notable Pioneer Saloon, where Clark Gable went to mourn the death of his wife Carole Lobmbardi. Some say Gable stayed for hours upon hours drinking until he received the official news that his beloved wife had passed.

As Marty and Renee continue to recover from their injuries with the knee walker helping them along the way, a product that Marty would recommend to anyone, he’ll hold onto these newfound memories paving another layer of their foundation as they eagerly wait for grandchildren to arrive!

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