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We do not sell directly to consumers, but you can easily shop from your local providers.
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Repairs & Servicing Information
For repairs and servicing, please contact the medical equipment provider where your product was purchased.
Need help finding a service provider?
If you no longer have access to your medical equipment provider, use the links below to locate another service provider, or contact us for assistance.
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Mobility City
Service Providers for DeVilbiss Products
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Support Surfaces - Why Now?

How To Choose The Right Rollator

Assembling the Delta Pro Homecare Bed

Frequently Asked Questions
Please note that we do not sell directly to consumers.
Why can't I create an online account with Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare?
We do not sell directly to individual customers. Please visit our 'Find a Provider' page to locate an authorized Drive Medical provider near you.
Are products covered by my insurance?
It’s best to check with your equipment provider to find out what your plan covers.
What is the warranty on my product?
Refer to the owner’s manual to identify the warranty of a product. Note, warranty claims are handled through our extensive provider network. Please contact the provider where you purchased the item for assistance with your warranty.
How do I maintain the integrity of my product?
Perform periodic inspections to ensure all components and hardware are secure. Specific product maintenance and cleaning guides can be found in the product owner’s manual.
Where can I find detailed product information?
Visit the product page on our website to access parts diagrams, specifications, and download the owner's manual.
Is there a place where I can find troubleshooting tips, assembly instructions, and more technical solutions for products?
Find helpful articles about fixing problems, putting things together, and more here in our Product Knowledge Base. Simply pick a product category under 'Find Support and Resources by Product' at the top of this page to explore all available information.
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