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<h1>Innovative executives with <br> unparalleled market expertise</h1>

Innovative executives with
unparalleled market expertise

Meet Our Leadership Team

Our leadership team has harnessed the power of innovation to grow our company to more 3500 products while leading a forward-thinking

culture rich in opportunities for growth. Click below to read each bio.

Derek Lampert

Chief Executive Officer
Joined: 2003

William Cerniglia

Chief Information Officer
Joined: 2006

Nora Coleman

Executive Vice President,
General Counsel
Joined: 2017

Tony Crisitello

Chief Customer Officer
Joined: 2014

Carole De Mayo

Cheif Human Resources Officer
Joined: 2018


Dave Ferrell

Senior Vice President
North America Operations
Joined: 2018

Simon Foster

Senior Vice President
Sourcing, Planning & Procurement
Joined: 2018

Stuart Gleichenhaus

Jen Nicholson

Senior Vice President
Product & Marketing Strategy
Joined: 2018