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Recent Articles on Bath Lifts

June 14, 2018

Overcoming Mobility Challenges in the Bathroom

April 10, 2017

Don’t Give Up Style for Substance

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April 23, 2024

World Traveller with a Rollator: Willie's Story

December 06, 2023

Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare Partner Awarded National Contract

June 06, 2022

This Skydiver Miraculously Survived a Parachute Malfunction. Now She Plans to Climb Mountains.

May 04, 2022

From London to Disney World and a Galaxy Far Far Away With a Travel Scooter

April 10, 2022

At 71, Bob Hardy Runs Ultramarathons With His Walker

July 08, 2019

A Girl and Her Rig

May 30, 2019

Being Brave in the Face of Adversity

April 26, 2019

Let the Sun Shine in

April 24, 2019

Yes, You Can: a Path to Recovery and Self-Discovery

April 24, 2019

Every Day Can Be Better

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