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Bathroom Safety

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Frequently Asked Questions

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General FAQ
Which Bathroom Safety Products are suitable for my needs?
The suitability of Bathroom Safety Products depends on your unique needs and the layout of your bathroom. We recommend consulting with a healthcare professional or our guides about how to choose the right product to determine the best products for your specific requirements.
How do I install and use Bathroom Safety Products properly?
Drive Medical provides detailed installation instructions and usage guidelines with each product. We highly recommend following these instructions closely to ensure proper installation and safe usage.
Are Drive Medical Bathroom Safety Products covered by any warranties?
Yes, Drive Medical stands behind the quality and durability of our Bathroom Safety Products. Many of our products come with warranties to provide you with added peace of mind. Be sure to check the specific product page or the product documentation for warranty details and information on how to register your product.
Do Bathroom Safety Products meet safety standards and regulations?
Yes, all Drive Medical Bathroom Safety Products are rigorously tested and designed to meet or exceed industry safety standards and regulations. Our commitment to safety ensures that you can trust the quality and reliability of our products. Look for product-specific information on safety certifications and standards in the product descriptions.
Shower Chairs & Transfer Benches
How do I clean my shower chair?
Use mild soap and rinse with warm water, wipe dry after each use
Will my rubber tips suction to the tub?
No, rubber tips will not suction to the tub.
Why won’t the suction cups suction to my tub?
Feel the surface of the tub, suction cups will not properly adhere to a textured surface.
How do I situate my transfer bench within my bathtub?
Place legs with suction cups into bathtub.
How do I remove my suction cup tip from the tub?
Pull on the tabs found on top of suction cup to allow air underneath for safe removal.
Will my product rust?

Different materials may or may not rust:

  1. Products featuring aluminum frames are anodized and rust resistant. 
  2. Steel – Treated with powder coating, which prevents the steel from having exposure to water or air. 
  3. Stainless Steel is inherently rust-resistant with high anti-corrosion ability. 
  4. Plastic – Will not rust.
Are all legs of my shower chair required to touch the floor at the same time?
For safety and stability, we recommend all legs touch the floor for maximized stability.
What is the cut out for on a shower chair?
It is a holder for a hand-held shower spray, included on select shower chairs.
Which side should I put the handle on a transfer bench?
Transfer benches are reversible to accommodate your shower/tub arrangement.
Is my product ADA Compliant?
Check the product documentation provided by the manufacturer. Additionally, consulting with a healthcare professional or an accessibility expert can provide further guidance based on your specific needs and circumstances.
Can I use a bathmat with my shower chair?
The ideal bathmat includes cutouts to allow room for a shower chair to safely touch the tub surface. 
Raised Toilet Seats
What is the difference between a standard and elongated toilet?

Standard toilet includes a length of approximately 16.5” or

Elongated toilet includes a length of approximately 18.5”

Do I need to remove my toilet seat if installing a raised toilet seat?
This depends on the model, refer to the owner’s manual.
Grab Bars
How do I get the suction cups to stick on the wall safely and securely?
Ensure the suction cups are centered on the tile and do not cover the grout line.
What is the weight capacity of a grab bar?
Grab bars are not meant to support your full body weight, only to assist with mobility and balance.  Refer to your owner’s manual to understand how much weight your grab bar can support.
What is the difference between a knurled and non-knurled grab bar?
Knurling is a textured surface that allows for enhanced grip.
What is a rotating flange for?
The rotating flanges of the grab bar facilitate the installation; the grab bar can be mounted vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.
Tub Rails
Will this item work over shower doors?
 The lever clamp mechanism is deep enough to accommodate standard shower door rails for a secure installation
Toilet Safety Rails/Frames
Can toilet safety rails be used on any toilet?
Most toilet safety rails are designed to be versatile and can be used with standard toilets. However, it's essential to check the product specifications and ensure compatibility with your specific toilet model.
Can toilet safety rails be used with raised toilet seats?
In many cases, toilet safety rails can be used in conjunction with raised toilet seats to provide additional support and comfort. Ensure that the combination is safe and stable, and check compatibility between the two products.
Why do certain bathmats have indents?
To allow shower chairs and transfer tub bench legs to adhere to the tub surface.
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