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Can I use two sets of half rails on your homecare beds?
No, only one set of half rails should be used at a time. If you require additional protection, full lengths rails are an available option for most homecare beds offered.
My bed suddenly stopped working. What can I do?
Please ensure the bed is plugged into a working outlet. If so, disconnect the bed for approximately 30 seconds and reconnect. Ensure the bed’s hand control is plugged in securely. If the bed is still not operating, please contact the local provider your equipment was purchased through for further repair or warranty assistance.
Why does my bed rail feel loose or wobbly?
Drive DeVilbiss can only suggest use of the rails designed for your model bed. Although bed rails are not rated to a specific weight limitation, the bed rails may become deformed or broken if excessive side pressure is exerted on the rails. Be sure the knob is also fully secured before use.
What is the difference between a semi-electric and full-electric bed?
The head and foot raises and lowers electrically with a controller in both fully electric and semi-electric bed models however the bed itself only raises and lowers electrically in a full electric hospital bed and needs to be adjusted manually with a crank in a semi electric hospital bed.
Can I use regular mattresses with your beds?
In most cases, homecare beds are designed to work with special mattresses that accommodate the bed's adjustable features, which can be purchased through Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare. Consult the bed's specifications and contact the local provider your equipment was purchased through for compatible mattress information.
How do I clean and maintain my bed?
Follow the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning and maintenance. Typically, you can clean the bed frame with mild soap and water, and it's important to regularly inspect the bed for any wear or malfunction.
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