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Does the weight capacity change on the Trotter when you use the bus transit tie downs?
Allowable weight capacity changes to 165 lb. for the 16” and 18” width Trotters when ties downs (TR 8029) are used for transit. Weight capacity for the 12” and 14” Trotters does not change.
Do you offer replacement soft fabric covers for the Otters?

Yes. Replacement covers are offered in standard and soft fabric options. 

Can swing-away hip and trunk supports be added to the standard Spirit car seat?
Lateral supports can be purchased as individual replacement parts to add these features to a standard Spirit seat. 
Can I use my Spirit car seat with only the trunk supports?
We recommend seeking guidance from a licensed healthcare professional for any inquiries related to fulfilling your postural support requirements safely.
Why must I use the trotter head rest extension when using the bus transit tie downs?
Required for transport per WC 19 Standards to safely use the Trotter in a motor vehicle.
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