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Frequently Asked Questions
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What sling do I need for my patient lift?
Patients should seek the medical advice of their physician, a qualified trained medical professional, or therapist to determine the sling best suited for their individual needs. Click here to view a chart which may be used simply as a sizing guide.
My lift suddenly stopped going up or down. What’s going on?
Please ensure the red emergency stop button is not engaged. If it is pressed in, release the red emergency stop button. The patient lift will not operate with the emergency stop engaged.
How do I choose the right patient lift for my needs?
Consult with healthcare professionals for personalized recommendations. Factors to consider include the individual’s weight, mobility, specific medical conditions, and preferences.
What type of slings are available?
Divided-Leg sling; U-sling, Full body sling, Sit/back sling, Stand-up Sling, Sit to Stand Sling
The tabletop laminate on my over bed table is peeling. Is the top replaceable or do I need a new complete table?
The tops are typically replaceable. Parts may be ordered through the company you purchased the medical equipment through, or through an authorized parts dealer. Click here to view a list of Drive authorized dealers. 
For clinical care recliners – what positions are included?
  • 3-Position recliners: Upright, Deep recline, and Elevated leg rest/footrest
  • 4-Position recliners: Upright, TV, Full Recline, and Trendelenburg
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