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Where on my body do I put the electrodes for my TENS unit?
Placement depends on the area of the skin where you are experiencing pain or discomfort and you should consult a physician, a qualified healthcare professional or therapist before use. If you're treating pain on one side of your body, consider placing the electrodes symmetrically on either side of the spine or the affected area. If the pain is in a specific part of your body, consider placing the electrodes both above and below the affected area. Avoid placing the electrodes on bony areas or joints. Ensure that the skin is clean and dry before placing electrodes.
The display on my blood pressure monitor has stopped working. What can I do?
Replacing the batteries may fix the issue. If the display still does not work after replacing the batteries, please contact your provider to discuss possible warranty options.
Are there height or weight restrictions for pedal exercisers?
Our pedal exercisers do not have height or weight restrictions because they are not loadbearing. You use them while in a seated position.
Can I use a pedal exerciser for upper body workouts?
Yes, begin by placing the pedal exerciser on a tabletop. While in a seated position, keep your back straight and shoulders relaxed, take hold of the pedals with your hands, and begin peddling using the strength of your arms.
How do I use a heating pad?
Place the heating pad on the affected area, plug it in, and adjust the temperature setting to your comfort level. Use a fabric barrier or towel to protect your skin from direct contact with the heating pad.
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