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Frequently Asked Questions
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Can my 525DS concentrator be used with a generator or battery?
Yes, the concentrator can be used with a large DC battery or gas generator; however, they must meet certain specifications. If the generator is supplying AC voltage, then only number 3 & 4 below are required. If the power source is DC, then all items below would be necessary. The DC would have to be converted into AC with a true sine wave output for the concentrator.
  1. 115 Volts (+/- 10%) 60Hz
  2. True sinusoidal output
  3. Continuous output current rating (minimum @ 115 Volts 60 Hz): 5 Amps (575 watts continuous)
  4. Surge current capacity (minimum @115 Volts 60 Hz): 10 Amps (1150 surge watts minimum)
My nebulizer isn’t misting so I can’t take a treatment. What’s wrong?
The nebulizer kit (medicine cup, mouthpiece, and tubing) may need to be replaced. The filter should also be checked or replaced if it is dirty. General instructions on how to troubleshoot your nebulizer can be found by clicking the following link here.
My stationary concentrator didn’t come with the air filter in the back. How can I get one?

Drive DeVilbiss stationary concentrators no longer come with or require the use of the gross particle air filter. The concentrator’s filter door was updated and improved, and its new airflow vent design replaces the need for a media filter. Though it is not required, the new vented filter door does still allow for use of a gross particle air filter if the patient desires to do so. To confirm if you have the newer style door review the below image.

Do you have masks for your concentrators?
No. Only a cannula should be used with the concentrator.
Where can I get tubing?
Tubing can be obtained through your local oxygen respiratory provider.
My suction machine stopped sucking. What’s wrong?
There may be a problem with the cannister, tubing, yankauer/catheter, or the suction machine. Please check for cracks in the cannister and secure the lid tightly. Please visit the following link for instructions on how to test the vacuum on your suction machine here.

If there is sufficient vacuum from the machine when no tubing is connected to it, the issue would be with the cannister, tubing, and/or yankauer/catheter. If there is no sufficient vacuum, please contact the local oxygen respiratory provider you purchased the unit from to explore your warranty options.
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